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We have Bears in Garrison

For the last several years, bears have become a problem in Garrison for its residents. These bears are not considered just nuisance bears but also viewed as dangerous bears by the residents who have experienced the property destruction and late night porch encounters. These bears have come up on the decks of homeowners, climb the trees in the yards of homeowners, and they this year in particular have been spotted with their cubs.

The residents of Garrison have on numerous occasions contacted the DNR department about these bears. Residents have been given a number of different responses and reasons to leave these bears alone and let “it run its course” One response was, “You know, we don’t relocate them anymore. We use euthanasia now.” Who wants that?” end of call. Another was,” If we relocate them, they will just be a problem for someone else.”

My oh my, the whole State of Minnesota is as densely populated as Garrison. What part of being in town, don’t they, the DNR, understand? There are no longer big woods out there folks. So, which is it? They kill the bears or do they make them someone else’s problem? Sounds to me that they do not want them to be their problem and take the time to send someone out to investigate the situation. Is this another agency that has forgotten to whom they work for? Does the DNR stand now for Does Not Respond unless there is a citation involved? I suppose that is what I will get when I fix the problem myself.