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Brainerd Daily Disgrace

It's a sad day when one has to read a newspaper from a city 3-4 hours driving time away just to get local information. The Brainerd paper is so caught up in "neighbor" crap that they fail to report on actual news. I am glad to see Jodie Tweed gone, as she was by far the worst at this. Hopefully, the "paper" can get rid of Renee Richardson and Matt Erickson and learn what "news" actually is. Everyone is so caught up on what someone else is doing that they fail to see the big picture, or even the small picture. I don't care what Joe Dirt on 4th Ave did to his garden. And now, they change their front-page pictures to cut off half the picture. You know, if I wanted to see a picture cut-off and zoomed-in that far, I'll just photoshop it myself. I'd rather see the whole picture AND the headlines (however news-less they may be) rather than some 2-year-old's head taking up 90% of the front page. Writing about a walk for MS or our troops coming home is one thing, but making that article fully about someone nobody even knows (and who claims to be from the area) is completely different. No one cares outside the 5 people in that family. Don't waste a full front page on that, it's not "news." Seriously, I feel the intelligence being sapped from my brain every time I pick up your "newspaper." Either learn what a real newspaper is or just quit entirely. The world would be a better place, or at least the Brainerd area would be.