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7 Amazing Windows Tweaks Still Worthy Of Use in Windows 7

When windows 7 first hit the stores, there was a debate amongst the geeks as to whether the windows tweaks will still be worthy of use. This was a huge mystery because Windows 7 was a real upgrade as opposed to its previous versions. The good news is that you can still use them. In fact, you can not only use windows tweaks but also adapt to it with considerable ease. As you read on, you will discover how this is done.

Mounting ISO
You won't probably need to mount ISO unless you use your PC for some geeky stuff like mounting some ISO image. Although this windows tweak is additional, it's important software that you will want to use even after the upgrade. You can use VirtualCloneDrive as a tool which is easily available to mount ISO.

Re-Enable Hidden Shares
If you have been into networking using earlier versions of Windows, you are most likely to know what C$ share is. It was used as a means to access the complete drive. But after Vista, those shares were not working by default. However, simple windows tweaks can help you enable mapping for hidden shares.

Windows Tweaks to Allow Automatic Log On
Logging on to your computer every time can be a real drag especially if you use it too often. But thanks to every other version of windows which allows you to do a convenient tweak with which you can log on automatically. This feature is also available in windows 7. However, just make sure you trust everyone back at home.

Add the Option of "Take Ownership"
This is supposed to be the most favorite and useful tweaks for every geek. It will give you access to every file with the help of registry hack that will add "take ownership" to the context menu. If you own a file, then you can modify, delete or rename it according to your will.

Apply Tweak to Stop Windows Update
Most of the computer users will agree that the automatic reboot feature is a misery that you have to go through when there is a windows update. However, you can use a simple tweak that will halt this automatic reboot. Moreover, with the help of registry hack, you can end this problem once and for all.

Shortcut to Handle Icons on Desktop
With windows tweaks, you will always have the option to switch the icons on desktop on and off. The task becomes further uncomplicated if you are using hotkey. The best part is that you can use this tweak on windows 7. With this utility, you can toggle the icons on desktop with relevant ease.

Applying Compatibility Mode
It's true that some of the XP applications won't work with windows 7. Anyhow, you can make it work by applying the compatibility mode. Compatibility mode works by tricking the application in question to believe that it's operating in the earlier windows version. Running the application in compatibility mode really helps especially if you are using a gaming application.

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