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Attitude makes the difference. We have all witnessed the eroding effects of loser attitudes. They destroy sports teams, marriages, businesses and country. When Mitch McConnell uttered his pledge not to support the President of the United States I knew we were in for a ruff ride. The American way is to roll-up our sleeves and do the best we can during tough times. The Republican way has deteriorated to complaining and doing everything to slow down the process of government. They want the country to fail so President Obama won’t be reelected.
With the fiscal cliff fastly upon us we need to let Congressman Cravaack know obstructionist partison tactics and voting in lockstep with the radical right won’t cut it. Compromise must happen. The last time our country approached a budget cliff Chip Cravaack voted to let us fall off. The cost to the country was substantial, loss of our bond rating and the loss of investor confidence. Our opinions no longer matter. Chip has quit thinking about serving Minnesota and our country and instead pledged his support to a back room group ironically calling themselves Americans for Tax Reform. Americans For Tax Reform was founded by a lobbyist who has received extensive support from middle eastern radicals and convicted felon Jack Abrahamoff . The lobbyists name is Grover Norquist. Norquist strong-arms, badgers and bully’s Republican congressmen into signing his oath.
Cravaack was hired by us. Signing a promise to Grover perverts our democratic system. “The oath which each member of Congress takes requires Representatives to support and defend the Constitution "without mental reservation". Signing a backroom oath authored by someone with questionable motives that requires you to vote in a predetermined way is breaking that oath.

Congressman Cravaack extremism doesn’t work. Forget your pledge to Grover. Remember your oath of office. Show some courage.
It’s time to put our District’s and country’s interests ahead of special interests.

Randall Messner, Pillager Mn