Law Enforcement....Above the law??? | | Brainerd, Minnesota

Law Enforcement....Above the law???

I cannot even count the number of times I have seen the laws, and other "rules" broken by law enforcement. The most common is the use of cell phones and laptop computers while driving. I understand these items are needed to perform their duties. I do not however feel that law enforcement officers should be allowed to do this while driving. Un-deniably the use of anything while driving causes a distraction, and i will not dispute that drivers should refrain from these activities but i feel that law enforcement officers should do the same. The reason im finally writing this and expressing my opinion, is because last night i was driving from Crosby to Brainerd on hwy210 and a Crow Wing county Sheriff who was responding to an incident in Crosby when i drove past, caught up to us and was driving along side of us once we got into the two lane coming into Brainerd. He was clearly breaking the speed limit and also using his laptop. He also weaving in and out of both lanes, while not maintaining a constant speed. After the first stoplight I noticed that he was now talking on his cell phone while still using his laptop. We were right along with him all the way into Baxter and after the stoplight by walgreens he started to accelerate quit a bit, noticeably above the speed limit. We assumed he was responding to a call, however we then observed him getting a "snack". This is the most recent incident I have witnessed, but certainly not the first. I just feel that law enforcement officers should be held to the same standard of safety that all drivers are. I understand they undergo further "training" however I cannot believe this training can replace the need for them to give driving their complete attention.

Feel free to respond with any and all opinons, and for those of you who would like to "dispute" my story, i have the squad number and video of the "high speed" snack stop.