15 year old boy charged with murder as an adult. | BrainerdDispatch.com | Brainerd, Minnesota

15 year old boy charged with murder as an adult.

It is very sad that this boy took the life of his father. I however find it difficult as a parent that our government has/is hypocritical in their stands on certain crimes/punishment.

If a 15 year old CHILD is in the eyes of the law is unable to make serious decisions for themselves because they are not emotionally developed enough to make those decisions, how is it that this young man can be charged and jailed as an adult with other adults?.....and if this BOY had been sexually involved with an adult that he would be looked at as a victim regardless to consent?....because why?...he does not have the ability to understand the gravity of his decision making.

I know that prosecutors want to find justice for this crime, but this young man is a CHILD, and needs to be treated that way.

He is in jail with other ADULT inmates, and that experience alone will create something even worse.

If he is convicted and gets the maximum time (40 years). he will exit prison when he is about 55 years old and what will he do then?.

I think this whole idea of CHILD vs ADULT when it comes to criminal offenses needs to major review.