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If you don't like the weather - wait

Minnesota's mercurial spring just took another turn, adding white stuff to the mix after pretty much shunning snow when it was welcome in late December, January, February and even March.
It's good for the fire prevention. After this last downpour of rain, the green-up could be in full flight if the sun came back with just a little punch. While the sun was out this afternoon, it wasn't enough to entirely melt the snow in Brainerd yards.

'It's not the heat it's the humidity'

Weather is always a great topic. Like porridge — whether it's too hot, too cold or just right — it's on everyone's lips. 

The recent heat wave across the nation and in the lakes area is unusual for its unrelenting duration. And this week will make anyone a believer that it's not the heat, it's the humidity. Holy cats, even the shade provided little, albeit slightly welcome, relief. And without a decent breeze, it was SSS time — sweating standing still. 

Difficult days especially for those who make their livelihoods working outside. 

The weather outside is frightful


Weather fascinates me.

Only the strong will survive.

I'm not really a football fan. I watch it, but only because the men in my life love it. I usually find a book and a blanket and go to my happy place while the neanderthals smash their heads together any given Sunday.

I know, so un-American.

When I heard the news that the Vikings would be playing their final home game at TCF Bank stadium I laughed...outdoor football game in December in Minnesota!? That sounds about like the worst thing ever. Those people will freeze their faces off.

Covering Wreath Ceremony - in the Cold

It was a heartwarming sight to see so many people at the Minnesota Veterans Cemetery for the event I was covering at Camp Ripley.  Of course, my heart was the only thing that was warm since it was about 10 degrees Fahrenheit with blizzard-like winds while wreaths were being placed by headstones.

And I would not recommend getting emotional and tearing up when there is a wind chill dropping the temperature below zero.  It's not pleasant.