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Battle: LA

I hate Los Angeles. That city takes everything that is great about California and ruins it. I might be a little biased. I am after all from Sacramento and we tend to have a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to the City of Angels. Usually we just mutter on about how we might as well divide California into North and South, but recently things have gotten a little more personal.  

Only the strong will survive.

I'm not really a football fan. I watch it, but only because the men in my life love it. I usually find a book and a blanket and go to my happy place while the neanderthals smash their heads together any given Sunday.

I know, so un-American.

When I heard the news that the Vikings would be playing their final home game at TCF Bank stadium I laughed...outdoor football game in December in Minnesota!? That sounds about like the worst thing ever. Those people will freeze their faces off.

Vikings should go with Jumpin' Joe

Now that the Vikings have placed backup QB Tarvaris Jackson on IR (out for the year) I hope Brett Favre is also done for the year (and career). With a 5-8 record, three games left, and Favre hopefully done after this year, put Joe Webb at QB and let's see what he can do. Can he be any worse inept than a healthy Tarvaris or an injured Favre, who just might get suspended by the NFL for the last 3 games for allegedly sending inappropriate texts and/or photos in 2008 to a former Jets game host. Let's see what Jumpin' Joe can do and draft or trade for the rights to Cam Newton.

Waste of time or true delight

There is a reason the word fan is in fanatic. And other than Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga fans, no group of people are more fanatical than sports fans.
Painted chests, rusted, 30-year old Winnebagos decked out in team colors and flags, the use of “we” when referring to the person’s favorite team are prime diagnosis for sports fanatics. More proof of the lunacy are the questions they ask themselves.