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Twins Caravan causes general soreness

Attending the Twins Caravan on Wednesday caused me to come down with a case of general soreness. About 170 fans turned out to see outfielders Ben Revere and Rene Tosoni, along with TV broadcaster Dick Bremer and Twins legend Tony Oliva. I think fans might have been as disappointed with the caravan as I was. The delegation was 15-20 minutes late arriving from Bemidji. Each caravan member talked for a few minutes, then a few questions were answered, and a few prizes were given out. No autographs. No season highlight video (it probably would have been quite short for the 2011 season).

This is Twins Territory?

Charter Communications customers tuning in to watch the Twins game Tuesday against the Yankees were disappointed to find the game wasn't televised.

Charter and Fox Sports North have an agreement to broadcast 105 games to Charter customers. But a disagreement over the cost to broadcast 45 additional games kept Charter customers in the dark Tuesday.

According to the Charter news release, those 45 games used to be on WFTC-My 29. FSN purchased the rights to those games.

Gordo's going, going, GONE

John Gordon reportedly will broadcast his final season of Twins baseball in 2011. Thank goodness. I've never been a favorite of Gordo, who continuously overstates the obvious (It's 3 and 2, 3 balls and 2 strikes) and his "Touch em all" home run schtick. Just call the game, cut the crap. A couple of my favorite Gordo guffaws: "And he slides into second base with a standup double" ... "It's a high drive to right .. and it's caught at second base by Hudson" AND "There's a long drive to center ... and it's foul" AND lastly "And the first pitch is a ball outside.