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Flipside Art Camp for Kids!!

Flipside Summer Art Camp is co-sponsored by The Crossing Arts Alliance and ISD 181 Community Education. Cost: $65 per child for each camp. Register through ISD 181 Community Education, 218-454-6924

June 4 to 8, Visual Art: Art Through the Ages

Films to see in 2012

Movies are just better on the big screen. That’s if the person next to you isn’t checking their smartphone every 5 minutes (they better be a brain
surgeon waiting for a call to the ER). For some reason they don’t think lighting up a dark room disturbs anyone around them. Seriously? How did
people make it through a 90-minute movie before mobile phones? Must have been a tougher breed of cat in the old days. They were willing to be
off-line to actually munch some overly priced popcorn and focus on a film. That’s why the theater can beat the comfort of the living room. It has your