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If you don't like the weather - wait

Minnesota's mercurial spring just took another turn, adding white stuff to the mix after pretty much shunning snow when it was welcome in late December, January, February and even March.
It's good for the fire prevention. After this last downpour of rain, the green-up could be in full flight if the sun came back with just a little punch. While the sun was out this afternoon, it wasn't enough to entirely melt the snow in Brainerd yards.

The First Rule of Advertising….

I have some enterprising young folks in my neighborhood as evidenced by the flyer that I recently found marketing their services. Snow shoveling. Great plan! Where were you guys this summer when my lawn was growing like it was in a race with the trees. I hate shoveling snow, so immediately you have my attention.

Spring is in the air...sort of.

By the way the weather looks right now, you would never know there was a spring-snowmegeddon pounding the Brainerd lakes area this morning.

It's so beautiful outside, I would totally pull my hammock out... except for the foot of fresh snow burying my hammock's grassy home in the yard.  

Amidst the misnamed "winter storm" that decided to show up in spring, I learned a few things today about a good March snow storm:

1- I like March snow far less than January snow. 

Kelly vs the Mountain of Snow

Never fails – every year that I’ve worked at the Dispatch I suddenly have the urge in the middle of the winter to start tunneling through the snow mountain that sits directly between our building and the Wendy’s right across the street. 

What Ice Age?

I'm told that spring is on its way, but I'm not entirely sure I believe that.  If this past week has been any indicator, we've just entered the next ice age. I expect a Scrat to start darting around my yard looking for the last acorn in the county.  Seriously, even the wooly mammoths don't want to be out wandering around in this stuff.  My not-so-wooly dogs are not so happy at all.  The smaller ones are dancing on icy puppy paths trying to keep no more than two paws on the ground at any one time. Ok...that is kind of funny in a canine-ballerina kind of way.

Only the strong will survive.

I'm not really a football fan. I watch it, but only because the men in my life love it. I usually find a book and a blanket and go to my happy place while the neanderthals smash their heads together any given Sunday.

I know, so un-American.

When I heard the news that the Vikings would be playing their final home game at TCF Bank stadium I laughed...outdoor football game in December in Minnesota!? That sounds about like the worst thing ever. Those people will freeze their faces off.