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Review of Charlotte's Web at the Children's Theatre in Minneapolis

Like the gifted author, E.B. White, I also maintain my childlike sense of wonder, especially at the theatre. Sometimes, I get so caught up in the show, that I forget I'm there to view and review. Then, I get lost again, accepting that mesmerized moment will come back as I type my review. I don't think I'm the only adult who laughed and giggle, sighed and cried along with the children as we watched the stunning performance of "Charlotte's Web" at the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis.All of the actors portray their characters with much animation.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas at CTC in Minneapolis

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is marvelous, filled with tenderness and giggles, wisdom and wit. It's colorful, musical and fun. Go, if you can! It's a Christmas present the whole family can enjoy. I attended this show with children ages 5 through 13, and they all loved. The grown-ups also thought it was a hoot. To read more of my review and see photos from the production, go to my writer's blog, Play off the Page,

Review of Brighton Beach Memoirs at CLC by Mary Aalgaard

"Brighton Beach" memoirs, playing through July 28 at CLC theatre in Brainerd, is a play of historical merit and themes that connect with a modern day audience. This is my second viewing of a Neil Simon play in less than a week. Simon does know how to create a captivating script. His characters are real, humorous, and deal with issues that are relevant through the ages. Director Patrick Spradlin did an excellent job of casting this show. I thought that Caleb Christiansen, who plays the lead character Eugene, and Jen Anderson, who plays his mother Kate, were outstanding.

Review of "Pippi Longstocking" at Children's Theatre Company by Mary Aalgaard

"Pippi Longstocking" is a high-energy, rollicking good show. Katie Adducci, who plays Pippi, is so athletic. I chatted with a woman at intermission who has seen several productions of "Pippi". She thought Kate was one of the oldest girls to play Pippi. (She seemed youthful to me.) I said she looked like she's a good gymnast. The woman replied, "That's probably why they chose her." She's everywhere on stage. Big movements. Animated dancing. My heart rate went up from watching it!

Review of Art at CLC by Mary Aalgaard

"The older I get the more offensive I hope to be," Mark, from the play "Art," by Yasmina Reza, currently playing at the Central Lakes College Dryden Theatre. Serge bought a piece of art for a hefty sum. He's criticized and ridiculed by his friend Mark. Yvan, the third friend in the triangle, tries to be a peacemaker, but ends up causing more strife. At times you feel the two against one scenario that happens in groups of three. Conversations are held in pairs, and the third one is left out, talked about, and later on the defensive.

Review of The Edge of Our Bodies

Three shows are currently playing at The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Last Thursday, I was invited to attend The Edge of Our Bodies for Blogger Night at The Guthrie.