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Voice, Music and Art Lessons in the Brainerd Area

Joy Ciaffoni and Mary Aalgaard have started a Primo Art Spa in the Brainerd area where they offer voice lessons, piano and music lessons, art lessons, and drama classes. Joy Ciaffoni moved to the Brainerd area from Portland, OR this winter and is accepting new students for voice, piano, and art. She has years of experience as a voice student, performer, and teacher. She is also expert at hand building fairy houses in her pottery studio. Visit her blog for more info.

Celebrating the Sense of Community with Music and Visual Art

Celebrating the arts and sense of community, The Crossing Arts Alliance (TCAA) is co-sponsoring a concert highlighting a Brainerd High School (BHS) graduate for the fifth year in a row, and a community art exhibition, coinciding with BHS homecoming week.

Phil Mattson & Singers “What a Wonderful World” Concert (plus local Consensus Ensemble), will be held Sunday, October 7 at 3pm, at Franklin Arts Center auditorium, 1001Kingwood Street, Brainerd, MN. Phil is a Brainerd High School 2012 Hall of Fame inductee.

Music through the Ages at Brainerd Library on Sept 20

Carrie Vecchione and Rolf Erdahl, a husband and wife instrumental duo, will visit the Brainerd Public Library on Thursday, September 20 at 11:30am. They will present a recital of music through the ages up to the engaging new repertoire composed for them, with classical crossovers infused with jazz, tango, and folksongs. Hear Carrie Vecchione, oboe/English horn, and Rolf Erdahl, double bass, perform music that "grabs your ear as the ink dries, and sends you out the door humming a new tune!”

Curtis and Loretta -Brainerd Public Library- July 11 at 2:00pm.

“Curtis and Loretta are in many ways the quintessential folk duo: finely honed vocal harmonies of multidimensional intrigue, abundant talent on an array of stringed instruments, deep traditional roots, great originals, and equally strong strains of gravity and playful irreverence,” Rick Mason wrote in the Minneapolis City Pages A-List. Curtis and Loretta will be at the Brainerd Public Library on Wednesday July 11 at 2:00pm.

Café Accordion Orchestra visits Brainerd Library on June 21 at 12pm

Café Accordion Orchestra visits Brainerd Library on June 21 at 12pm

“Berets and Bongos” with an eclectic mix, full of French flare, Latin heat and Bohemian attitude describes the Café Accordion Orchestra experience. They are coming soon to Brainerd Public Library on Thursday, June 21 at 12:00pm as part of the Kitchigami Regional Library System Legacy Program. This group is sure to get you tapping your toes. It’s an opportunity for all ages to come together and celebrate another unique form of music.

Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music

What is it about some songs that just make you smile? The weather outside could be raining — or even worse snowing — and your tire could have just blown on your way to work where you are already running 10 minutes late and then out of the radio speakers comes a song that just makes it seem like it can be alright.

For three to five minutes it’s like there is a peaceful escape on a still very real level, with lyrics singing as though they were meant just for you on that exact moment — “Don’t worry, be happy.”

The Rose Ensemble present an Early American Educational Program

Saturday, November 5th from 11am-11:50.
The Rose Ensemble presents "And Glory Shown Around: Early American Ballads, Hymns & Dances Return to America’s folk roots".

Prairie Bay & Cash Wise Liquor 2nd Thursday Wine Tasting Benefits The Crossing Arts Alliance

Prairie Bay and Cash Wise Liquor have a long history of generosity to lakes area non-profits. This month the benefit is for The Crossing Arts Alliance at the Gull Lake Yacht Club.

Lakes Area Chamber Music Festival

The Crossing Arts Alliance is honored to be the fiscal agent for the Lakes Area Chamber Music Festival. We feel SO fortunate to be able to enjoy lovely, polished concerts at Tornstrom auditorium and truly appreciate the efforts of Scott Lykins, Sue Johnson, the many volunteers, supporters, and sponsors. Please enjoy the last three concerts on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday -- satisfaction guaranteed! See schedule and details at