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Olive Garden in Baxter

If the Olive Garden in Baxter looks a little different to you, it's not just that it's new to the lakes area.
The much-anticipated restaurant addition to the lakes area isn't the same Olive Garden. The chain changed the look for its new restaurants creating a rustic stone exterior and using a farmhouse look with exposed wooden beams and character of a farmhouse in Tuscany, Italy as a model.
"This is how they’ll all be from now on," said Olive Garden General Manager Miranda Ahlers. "We’re one of the newer ones to have the exact layout we have."

The Evolution of a Newspaper

I have the opportunity to sit in real estate continuing education classes and the message to the Realtors seems to be the same in all of them: Newspapers are dead. Period.

Case in point: One Realtor instructor told us how he, at the behest of his Seller, placed a one inch classified ad for an open house in the Star Tribune…and he got NO visitors to his open house. Conclusion: That was a waste of his money and newspapers don’t work. Everyone in the class nodded appropriately – I cringed.

Coming attractions

Lakes area moviegoers are getting an early look at preliminary plans for a renovated Movies 10 in Baxter, complete with new name — Lakeland Theatre.
The plans for the 12-screen movie complex with stadium seating and two additional auditoriums added to the existing Movies 10 theater were recently presented to the Baxter Planning and Zoning Commission and will move on for review by the city council. Check out Biz Buzz for more details on the theater renovations.

The First Rule of Advertising….

I have some enterprising young folks in my neighborhood as evidenced by the flyer that I recently found marketing their services. Snow shoveling. Great plan! Where were you guys this summer when my lawn was growing like it was in a race with the trees. I hate shoveling snow, so immediately you have my attention.

Moviegoers to get luxury experience

For moviegoers the recently announced renovations to the Movies 10 in Baxter are coming at a good time but they may be measured by what’s happening about 60 miles to the south.
The Parkwood 18 movie theater in Waite Park is in the middle of a major renovation that will change the movie-going experience.
The Marcus Theatres cinema reports it is renovating every square inch of the place. Major changes are the addition of a restaurant — the Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar.