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With a little help from my friends

A bald eagle soared over the farmland near Pierz last week.  Photo/Steve Kohls
Photo/Steve Kohls
A bald eagle soared over the farmland near Pierz last week.

Many times, I am asked how I find the photos that appear in the Brainerd Dispatch? My response is always, "80 percent of the images are a direct result of my editors and friends." Throughout the years in central Minnesota, residents have been very kind and considerate and passed along photo tips to me as a friend. This degree of trust has been built one person at a time. I learned from my first editor Les Sellnow that a person's request is the most important idea or thought the resident has that day. So always be respectful no matter what it is. About a month ago Darlys Every mentioned that he had been watching the eagles that gather around the chicken barns in the Pierz area. Darlys requested some information on cameras and technique and the next week Darlys published a photo in our Neighbors section showing eagles perching in a tree east of Pierz. During that period of time, I made a trip to the area and was not able to find the eagles but I did find a nice photo of cows in a foggy pasture. Last Wednesday, a friend, Karl Samp called me while traveling on Highway 25 north of Pierz with a tip on a flock of eagles feeding near a chicken barn one mile north of Pierz.
When I arrived, the eagles were everywhere and I was able to capture very nice images of of the birds.
Without my friends, I would have missed the photos.