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Christmas Lights -Christmas in Wadena

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This is taken with the ambient light.  Steve Kohls
Steve Kohls
This is taken with the ambient light.

Photographers looking for a challenge should try their skill with GP Anderson's display at 414 3rd St. S.W. in Wadena. Anderson has added computer animation to the display synched with music. You can tune into the radio station with the songs and watch the lights.

The tough part is being in the right place at the right time. With certain songs you need to be ready with your camera at certain locations at the display.

I would suggest using a tripod and set your ISO to 400-800. My main exposure was 1.5 seconds with the camera set on Shutter Priority. Shoot and check your screen. If you are too dark just plus up your exposure compensation dial. With this system your camera will compensate for the changing light in the display.

Next challenge is to photograph GP Anderson in front of his display without losing the tone in the display and getting his facial tones correct at night.

You now know the scene is 1.5 sec. now attach your flash with a cord. Position your subject and wait for the right moment. When the time is right aim your flash back against the snow so the light bounces back into  the scene.

This technique will prevent light from your flash from hitting other parts of the scene and it also gives the illumination a nice golden hue. I have included two photos to show the technique. 

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