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Will the real Sarah Nelson please stand up?

Slim Shady...please stand up? Might be a generational barrier.
Slim Shady...please stand up? Might be a generational barrier.

My name is kind of the female equivalence of "John Smith." There are A LOT of Sarah Nelsons on planet earth.


In fact, I know there's a least three or four in the Brainerd lakes area.

I got a phone call today, on my work line, from a stranger looking for "Sarah Nelson." She left me a message while I was out of the office and tried to get through a second time when she didn't hear back from me. On the second try, I answered.

This is kind of how it went down:

Me: "Newsroom, this is Sarah."

Caller: "I'm looking for Sarah Nelson?"

Me: "I'm Sarah Nelson."

Caller: "Is Kim there?"

Me: "Um...no? This is Sarah...I'm Sarah...did you say you were looking for Sarah Nelson?"

Caller: "Yes, but I'm really looking for Kim. Is your mom there?"

Me: "My mom? My mom is Katie. You're looking for my mom? Who's Kim? Did you say you're looking for Sarah Nelson?"

Caller: "Well, you're Sarah Nelson right? Isn't Kim your mom? Is she around?"

Me: "No, my mom is Katie. Maybe you're looking for another Sarah Nelson? Who...has a mom named Kim?"

Caller: "Yes! Do you know her!?"

Me: "Uh...no. But if I hear from her I'll let her know you called?"

Caller: "Great! Thank you so much. I've been trying to get in touch with her for a while."

We exchanged some information and I kindly let her know that the Sarah Nelsons of the world don't have an official club and we don't communicate regularly, and, while we share a name, sadly,  we don't have much else in common.

Including the names of our mothers.

However, to the Sarah Nelson, whose mother's name is Kim and may or may not live in the Brainerd lakes area, can you tell your mom she has a long lost friend who is looking for her? She really misses your mom and has been trying to track her down for a while, but she lost her number and she thinks your mom's number might be unlisted. That's why she called me...because she thought I was you. You, know, since I'm Sarah Nelson too.

Give me a call. I'll be happy to connect the two of you.