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Spring is in the air...sort of.

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Volkswagon + 12 inches of snow drift = not going to make it to work on time today
Volkswagon + 12 inches of snow drift = not going to make it to work on time today

By the way the weather looks right now, you would never know there was a spring-snowmegeddon pounding the Brainerd lakes area this morning.

It's so beautiful outside, I would totally pull my hammock out... except for the foot of fresh snow burying my hammock's grassy home in the yard.  

Amidst the misnamed "winter storm" that decided to show up in spring, I learned a few things today about a good March snow storm:

1- I like March snow far less than January snow. 

2- It's always too soon to put away winter clothes...a spring jacket doesn't do the job quite like a winter one.  

3- Snowboots that are shorter than snowfall are worthless. 

4- If you want to leave your house, don't park where the snowplow dumps it's collection.

5- It pays to make friends with the neighbors that have a snowblower. 

6- It's not a good idea to open the front door when snow has been blowing around for six hours. 

7- The first week of good spring melting is bound to be followed by at least 12-16 inches of utter disappointment. 

I think that last one could explain the potential for interpersonal relationship dysfunction. If you can't trust the weather to be stable ... who can you trust?

It's good to see the sun is back. I'm counting the days until I can take a nap outdoors without getting frostbite. I'm pretty sure when it's blazing hot in July I'll be thinking of the spring day that was held hostage by several inches of cold wet snow. However, right now I'm thinking... bring on the mosquitoes.