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Fireside Hangout provides new take on FDR classic

Ever wanted to be able to ask your own question of the president? Thursday, Feb. 14, at 3:50 p.m., President Obama is sitting down in the Roosevelt Room in the White House for a fireside hangout.
That's an updated version of the fireside chats President Franklin Delano Roosevelt made so famous. This time the chat's are of a virtual nature and in deference to the digital world we live in — the chat is online.
Americans are able to submit questions, via text or even video. If you don't want to ask a question yourself, you can vote on a favorite sent in by someone else. Has government ever been easier to participate in than these days of being able to shoot an email to a member of Congress or chat live with the president from your laptop or smartphone.
The chat is available live at Google+ (Google is moderating the event), on the White House YouTube channel and at
Imagine if this had been an option when Nixon was president.
Agree or don't agree with the president's proposals in the State of the Union, but either way this online opportunity provides an option to do more than grumble in the confines of your home. Want to voice your opinion in a quality discussion of reasonable people? Who wouldn't. Now that is easier than ever.