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Shopping spree scrubbed

December 2012 won't be the last calendar page after all.
December 2012 won't be the last calendar page after all.

I guess plans for a massive shopping spree before the world ended Dec. 21, 2012 — according to the Mayan calendar predictors — are off. It sounded like a good idea especially since no one would be around to send the bills. But it turns out the world isn't destined to end that day after all.
In the Guatemalan rain forest, at a noted Mayan site, scientists found the calendar continues well beyond December 2012.

Researchers at Xultun in Guatamala found wall paintings projecting 7,000 years into the future.

I wonder what people 7,000 years from now would think of the end of the world prophesy and if they'd be booking cruises, stocking canned goods or thinking about that mad shopping trip.

An ABC/Associated Press news report quoted archeologist and report author William Saturno of Boston University saying the wall painting may have been done by a Mayan who was keeping records for the community.

“It’s like an episode of TV’s ‘Big Bang Theory,’ a geek math problem and they’re painting it on the wall. They seem to be using it like a blackboard,” Saturno said in the news story, adding the Maya appear not to have thought much, at least in their writings, about an end to the world.

“The ancient Maya predicted the world would continue, that 7,000 years from now, things would be exactly like this,” Saturno said. “We keep looking for endings. The Maya were looking for a guarantee that nothing would change. It’s an entirely different mindset.”