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Films to see in 2012

Movies are just better on the big screen. That’s if the person next to you isn’t checking their smartphone every 5 minutes (they better be a brain
surgeon waiting for a call to the ER). For some reason they don’t think lighting up a dark room disturbs anyone around them. Seriously? How did
people make it through a 90-minute movie before mobile phones? Must have been a tougher breed of cat in the old days. They were willing to be
off-line to actually munch some overly priced popcorn and focus on a film. That’s why the theater can beat the comfort of the living room. It has your
total attention. No clothes to fold. No remote to flip. No multi-tasking to accomplish. These days, that’s pretty incredible.
With the Movies 10 theater in Baxter slated for a much-needed overhaul to bring in the latest technology in how movies are shown and viewed (bring on
the stadium seating already) this might be a good time to consider what films are most anticipated for 2012. recently released a list of the top 20 movies to see this year. I suspected one at or near the top of the list would be “The Hunger Games”
(out on March 23) just based on the popularity of the book. It was. Who says people don’t read anymore? I thought J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter put an
end to that notion.
So what’s on the short must-see list? Feel free to add your own list. I’ve got a lot on mine: “The Hobbit,” to be released this year, “Moonrise
Kingdom” on May 25, “Prometheus” on June 8, “The Dark Knight Rises” on July 20 and, yes, “Battleship” on May 18. (As a disclaimer, I should say
“Battleship” made’s do not see list.) But c’mon, aliens, uniforms, action. Enough said. Time’s do not see list was clogged with sequels and
part threes. They also didn’t like “Big Miracle” but people cutting out holes in the ice to save trapped whales. Nothing wrong with that. And, OK,
maybe “The Vow” in February. I know. I know. But the trailer looks good. How about — “Red Tails” or “Man on a Ledge.”’s list of movies to see included “Haywire” and “The Innkeepers,” “The Deep Blue Sea,” “Looper,” “The Amazing Spider-Man” and a Ben
Affleck-directed “Argo” based on a rescue attempt of six Americans in 1979 Iran just before the U.S. Embassy is taken over, “Gravity” with Sandra
Bullock and George Clooney and Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” and Leo DeCaprio in “The Great Gatsby,” “War Horse,” while out in 2011, is worth seeing in
2012 along with “The Artist.”
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