'It's not the heat it's the humidity' | BrainerdDispatch.com | Brainerd, Minnesota

'It's not the heat it's the humidity'

Weather is always a great topic. Like porridge — whether it's too hot, too cold or just right — it's on everyone's lips. 

The recent heat wave across the nation and in the lakes area is unusual for its unrelenting duration. And this week will make anyone a believer that it's not the heat, it's the humidity. Holy cats, even the shade provided little, albeit slightly welcome, relief. And without a decent breeze, it was SSS time — sweating standing still. 

Difficult days especially for those who make their livelihoods working outside. 

Dew points in the Midwest have rivaled tropical forests the Amazon Jungle of South America. Imagine. This heat wave has a number of Minnesotans saying something they never expected to utter just a few short months ago — winter doesn't look that bad right now. 

I say bring on the heat, but maybe a break in that humidity would be nice.