Lunar eclipse tonight worth seeing | | Brainerd, Minnesota

Lunar eclipse tonight worth seeing

If there is a break in the clouds tonight the show in the night sky will be worth a trip outside and a good reason to stay up. The longest night of the winter is matching up with a lunar eclipse as the Earth blocks the sun's rays. As the Earth's shadow is cast on the moon, the lunar body is expected to change from gray to orange or deep red as indirect sunlight passes through the Earth's atmosphere. NASA said the eclipse will last 72 minutes beginning about 12:32 a.m. With the winter solstice marking the shortest day and longest night, the moon will be high in the night sky. And while the celestial event comes when winter holds its sway, the winter solstice means spring is coming — one minute at a time as the days grow progressively longer from now on as we march toward spring and summer. And since the solstice and the eclipse haven't combined for more than 400 years, it appears worth staying up. Now let's hope for a break in the clouds.