Review of The Cat in the Hat at the Children's Theatre in Minneapolis by Mary Aalgaard | | Brainerd, Minnesota

Review of The Cat in the Hat at the Children's Theatre in Minneapolis by Mary Aalgaard

The Cat in the Hat provides fun that is funny on that cold, cold, wet day when Sally and her brother let him into their house. The suspicious, old fish scolds and complains as he, and many other household items, hang in the balance, on the end of the Cat's umbrella, or the top of his hat. When the Cat lets Thing One and Thing Two out of the box, the chaos is out of control, and the fish worries that "They should not be here when your mother is out!"

The cast and crew of the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis bring this beloved book to life on their Cargill Stage, through December 2. All of the dialogue comes straight from Dr. Seuss' book with the addition of actions and reactions by the characters. Sound effects and music add to the liveliness of this performance, which runs about 50 minutes. The kids in the audience giggled and leaned forward, or stood, to watch the Cat, the Things, and the kids tear apart the house. Some even cried when Thing One and Thing Two had to go back in their box, and the kids had to try to clean up before their mother returned.

Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat runs September 25 - December 2 on the Cargill Stage. As part of CTC’s commitment to programming for ages two through eighteen, Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat is recommended for pre-K and up. Tickets are on sale now starting at $10. Affordable subscription packages are also available. For more information
visit or call the Ticket Office at 612.874.0400. (A limited number of $10 seats are available for each performance. You must go to the box office or call the ticket office starting at noon on Sundays to secure these tickets.)

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