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Review of Art at CLC by Mary Aalgaard

"The older I get the more offensive I hope to be," Mark, from the play "Art," by Yasmina Reza, currently playing at the Central Lakes College Dryden Theatre. Serge bought a piece of art for a hefty sum. He's criticized and ridiculed by his friend Mark. Yvan, the third friend in the triangle, tries to be a peacemaker, but ends up causing more strife. At times you feel the two against one scenario that happens in groups of three. Conversations are held in pairs, and the third one is left out, talked about, and later on the defensive. Many humorous lines and sitations come out of this, as well as accusations and suspicions. I laughed out loud at many lines and situations.

Why do we criticize each other for choices we make, what we buy, whom we marry? It's never really about the object, the choice, or the other person. It's about us. Maybe we feel rejected or left out when a friend does something that doesn't include us. Maybe we feel less important, or that our opinion doesn't matter, or that we're moving apart. In "Art" we see three men working through those emotions. They're torn apart by a white painting and bonded by spitting olive pits. "Art" is so much more than a painting, or lines in a script. It is the body, mind, and spirit of those who experience it, and it causes them to examine their relationships.

Patrick Spradlin, Erik Steen, and Daniel Rohr create the triangle of friendship and feud. They play off each other well, each embracing his own character, and sorting out their relationship. I found myself thinking about my own relationship with friends that can be complicated, at times strained, and other times the closest bond I have. When the show was over, Joey Halvorson leaned over and said, "That was delightful."

Treat yourself to some "Art" this weekend and attend a performance at Central Lakes College. This show has adult themes and language. I would recommend it for older teens and adults.

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