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"Charley's Aunt" at The Guthrie, review by Mary Aalgaard

My favorite part about watching "Charley's Aunt" at The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis was hearing the giggles from the kids in the audience. This show is full of physical comedy, quirky characters, and funny lines. The costumes and set are colorful and bring you to another time and place.

A couple of young men at a university in England, in the mid 1800's, are distracted from their studies by the lovely young ladies whom they've met. They are desperate to court them and pledge their love. The only problem is, they live in a time where "proper" behaviour is required for such meetings, and they lack a chaperone. When Charley's aunt sends word that she won't be able to stay with them, the young men are in a panic. Who will the find to act as chaperone in such short notice?

In walks their wiley friend Lord Fancourt Babberley. It just so happens that he has a dress for a part in a play. When he walks out to show off his costume, the crazy idea ignites. The rest of the play is filled with antics, secrets, mistaken identities, and ridiculous means to keep up the ruse, and get the girl.

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Go to www.guthrietheater.org for show times and ticket prices and rehearsal photos of the production.

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