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What a Weekend!

You know that expression, "Just like riding a bike?"  Well it's not always that easy.

This past week we celebrated our Independence Day, my family had a great weekend with some of our Family and Friends and the summer even showed up!

My 4 year old was absolutely thrilled to see all the cool things that were happening, boats all decked out in red, white and blue, cars and trucks decorated similarly, even people dressed that way.  Truly a life-changing event for her!  One night we were sitting on the dock watching some far off fireworks and she asked why people were having fireworks, so I got to explain that the 4th of July was when we celebrated our Independence Day, when we became our own country.  Self-reliant, economic, and (for better or for worse..), a little headstrong.  We talked about how we became a country by fighting for our independence and establishing rules to live by, and each year we celebrated our history by gathering together with our families and remembering the struggles we have overcome as a nation.  

Of course, I made it about halfway through that when a really large firework went off and we had to go inside... but I like to think she heard it all.

The next day, on Monday the 4th, there was a parade of boats on the lake we were at- it's an annual tradition and folks from the lake decorate their pontoons and classic boats and they drive around the lake and everyone comes and watches.  So we watched and waved as they all went by, and this reminded my daughter that WE were going to be walking in the Brainerd 4th of July parade later that day!

It's a good thing we had already packed up, because she was in the car ready to go before we had even finished eating lunch.  Luckily she fell asleep for the hour and a half ride back, otherwise I think it would have been an hour and a half of "Are we there yet?"  

I was pretty excited too, I was in a couple parades when I was younger, by younger I mean small enough of a child to know any better.... but that was close to 20 years ago now, so the memory had crossed over into the realm of omitting-all-the-bad-things-and-only-remember-the-silver-lining.

We arrived at the parade staging area, and it finally started to sink in that this might not be a walk in the park when we were standing in the shade and sweating through he 90+ degrees it was outside... but we were excited and our friends were there, and they had water... so everything was great!

I don't know when the last time you walked more than 100 yards in 90 degree weather was, but I am pretty sure you've pushed it out of your memory because it was not something you would want to do for "fun."

Long story short, we had a great time at the parade, we got to hand out give-aways and candy, ride in a brand new truck, and have a great time!  It was great to see so many people we knew watching the parade too, and we all had a great time.

I'm greatly looking forward to the day when my daughter grows up, has kids of her own and suggests to them they walk in a parade, and as they come trudging by, sweat filled hats in hand, fending off heat stroke with a tepid, half-drank, bottle of water, I'll be sure to give them a wave from my comfy lawn chair with a cold lemonade in my hand and think to myself how wise I'd gotten with my age.