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Keeping with the times

As the "online guy" here, I am a huge supporter of keeping up with the new things that come up in the world of online and technology.

I'm used to scouring the internet and publications for information on the next best thing and how I can use it, both for work, or just pure amusement.  It really amazes me how quickly the new technology is developed, and I can't remember the last time I opened my facebook page and didn't see a change... it's all either new or improved, and sometimes it moves so fast if you blink... you just might miss the what had happened!

I was fortunate that I grew up using a lot of these things- we've always had internet access, computer labs were a regular part of the schedule even in elementary school, and by college, laptops were issued as part of the curriculum... as a result, I'm used to this constant change and the newest technologies have always been a regualr part of my day.

As I talk to the kids who are in school now and that are joining the workforce, I can't help but notice that this has been even more ingrained into their lives, and it's astounding the things they know because they have been a part the developing technology even more so! 

It didn't really hit home until this weekend.

My parents came up to see my kids, their grandkids, my wife was out of town, so it was nice for me to have an extra hand too- the 7 month old isn't so hard to keep track of (although the crawling makes her a little quicker), but my 4 year old is constantly on the move!  Really, she's well behaved, but in the enchanting world of a small child, there is always something to do and you can't get there quick enough!

Anyway, after a long weekend of playing, we were trying to find something to do and my 4 year old suggested we try the new jumbo cupcake pan that we got- it's really cool, see my picture above, it makes a giant cupcake that you can fill, and to a 4 year old, it's the next best thing since sliced bread!

So, we made a giant cupcake- chocolate.  And frosted it pink- with lots of sprinkles at the insistence of my daughter. 

It was a lot of fun, I enjoy cooking with her and she seems to enjoy it too, and she's getting pretty good at being my "assistant chef". 

After we finished frosting the cupcake and putting the sprinkles on, Grandma was taking pictures of us working.  She took a couple, and looking through them said, "Oh, that's a cute one!" 

Without missing a beat my daughter piped in, "Cool, put that one on Facebook!"


Yep, my daughter knows that cool pictures go on Facebook. 

If that's not growing up with technology I don't know what is!