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Oh, well, why not?

Whew, what a day.  I am writing this 75% done with baking about 20 dozen cookies.  That's right, 20 dozen.  I've got chocolate chip with peanut butter, english toffee, cranberry white chocolate and sugar (and I must say... they are all delicious!)  Of course, they aren't for me... the kids, mine included, will be decorating them this weekend for Sunday School.  Of course, when I say "decorate" I mean "eat."  

As I was making these cookies, with my 3, almost 4, year old helping mix the dough, it reminded me of all the wonderful cookies I would help my mom make during the Christmas season.  We made all kinds- pumpkin, sugar, spritz, the ones that look like candy canes but taste like maple syrup.... and I realized how happy I was that now I get to make cookies this year with my family.  I remember how fun it was to see how the cookies would go from messy dough to sweet, melt-in-your-mouth morsels in just a matter of minutes, and I need to remember to thank my mom for taking the time to make cookies with me when I was a kid.

Of course, it seems like I've never quite grown up as I found myself sneaking bits of dough (yes, raw egg and all) while my wife and children weren't looking... and maybe a handful of chocolate chips too... but you can't prove that!  Which brings me to my (rambling) point- enjoy Christmas, don't get overrun by the things that really aren't important, and (finally) make sure you have a handful of chocolate chips when no one is looking!

I was excited to see the blog area here, I had all these initial thoughts of being able to expound on all types of worldly matters... until the reality of my life came crashing back down... realistically I suppose this will end up being more of a grocery list to make sure I don't forget to bring home the milk than a philosophical inspiration to the masses...  But I suppose, remembering the milk is important to the masses too...

Well, I suppose I should finish the rest of my cookies, then enjoy what's left of a good night's sleep...  I would bet my next post will include something about bread.