Christmas + societal norms = material consumerism | | Brainerd, Minnesota

Christmas + societal norms = material consumerism

How many of you are sick and tired of the ridiculous television commercials featuring bow wrapped cars and bejeweled women? Such ridiculous advertising encourages the seasonal shopping stampede and growing holiday materialism.

I spent the past weekend with my beautiful girlfriend Emily and her family in the cities. We participated in such holiday standards as having dinner downtown paired with the Holi-dazzle parade, tree decorating, baking, giggling at the movie Elf, and of course, Christmas shopping.

With the weekend “blizzard” (man up MN, that was nothing!) we spent Sunday shopping, along with the rest of the Twin Cities. What I anticipated to be a fun experience was actually a nauseating headache.

Horns blared over peaceful holiday music on swollen highways, suburban housewives jostled their oversized luxury SUVs every which way in mall parking lots, crowds pushed and bumped, and everywhere credit cards were maxing out. It's fair to say society depicts a Merry Christmas as one filled with abundant gifts.

I'm not advocating the notion of abolishing gift giving; in fact, I enjoy finding unique gifts for loved ones.  Rather, it concerns me how we're blindly compelled to buy, buy, buy. It's simple. If you don't have the money, don't spend it. Live within your means. Your family will be much happier!  If you are fortunate, then please do your part and remember those in need.

So remember to celebrate and reflect this season and as a community let’s work together towards the real reason of Christmas.