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Let it snow

Snowmobilers and snowshoe enthusiasts have grumbled all winter about the dearth of snow this season. Well, here’s another reason why many of us have missed those blizzard-filled winters of yesteryear.
Challenging weather, such as this past week’s dumping of 7 inches of snow in Brainerd, often brings out random acts of kindness.
A woman on Broadway Street in south Brainerd was taken aback Wednesday when about a dozen residents of Teen Challenge in south Brainerd showed up at here home and began shoveling the driveway and sidewalk. She offered to pay them but they just asked her to thank the Lord. She gladly agreed to those terms and was grateful for the shovelers’ efforts.
Baxter also has its share of Good Samaritans.
Agnes Loechler, 90, said she’s a caretaker for 92-year-old Ken Toso on Mary Street in Baxter. On Wednesday morning they were greeted with what has become a familiar sight. Their neighbor, Dave Borash, brought his snowblower over and cleared off Toso’s sidewalk and driveway.
"He does it every time it snows," she said.
Loechler called the Brainerd Dispatch to praise the 2011 Brainerd Teacher of the Year who is now a Minnesota Teacher of the Year semifinalist.
In her view, Borash should be neighbor of the year.
If wintry weather truly brings out the best in Brainerd area residents then, by all means, “Let it snow.”