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A dollar well spent




Seniors have always been my favorite category of people to interview. They  combine perspective, knowledge and the willingness to say exactly what’s on their mind. As a result I was pleased to be asked to talk about the Brainerd Dispatch at The Senior Morning Club at the Lakes Area Senior Activity Center on Aug. 3.

I love any group that talks about upcoming birthdays and a soon-to-be-85-year-old is described as “just a kid.” The group asked pointed questions about the newspaper industry. They were well informed and also curious about a variety of issues. I was happy to discover most of them were Dispatch subscribers as well.

The Senior Morning Club meets at 9:30 a.m. each Wednesday at the senior center in Brainerd. 

Upcoming speakers are Deborah Cranny, executive director of Home Instead (Aug. 10), Louise Nysather, who will show a tape of an appearance on “The Price is Right,” (Aug. 17) and Mike Koechler, director of RSVP, (Aug. 24).

This energetic group started off the meeting by saying a prayer, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, singing songs and passing around a happy jar  which was used to solicit $1 contributions for projects in exchange for the opportunity to share what they were happy about. 

I was happy to be invited and gladly paid my dollar.