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If it's Tuesday ... it must be Rotary

Rotary meetings are a fun blend of hometown boosterism, good-natured razzing inspiring civic involvement.

Thanks to an invitation from Brainerd Rotary Club member Deborah Erickson I was reminded of how much energy and good will is displayed at those weekly meetings. 

Guest speaker at Tuesday's meeting was Kim Kemmer, Rotary District public relations chair, who talked about various ways through which Rotary Clubs make an effort to create an awareness about their wide-ranging activities. Those activities range from sponsoring exchange students to helping the people of Haiti. Other guests at the meeting included members of the Interact Club from Brainerd High School. The Brainerd Rotary Club is a fun and active group of Brainerd area people who care about their community.

While the program was interesting I learned just as much in the announcements portion of the program. Rotary member Buford Johnson announced he and his wife Diane were celebrating their 25th anniversary. Not to be outdone Rod Osterloh announced that he and his wife Jody are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.

It's amazing the Rotarians would be civil to a newspaper man. Getting one's name in the Brainerd Dispatch seems to be a serious offense and one that can prove costly to the subject of media attention. Even past publicity, as recorded in the Dispatch's This Was Brainerd column can get a fellow in trouble. Recently John Fitzpatrick was fined being the master of ceremonies for a Citizen of the Year roast for Walt Doran 30 years ago. 

Who knows this short column might result in the first Rotary fines assessed for a Brainerd Dispatch blog.

And of course Rotary members and guests all get to sing at the weekly meetings. This week the club was led by Dutch Cragun in rousing renditions of "My Country 'Tis of Thee" and "R-O-T-A-R-Y."