This is Twins Territory? | | Brainerd, Minnesota

This is Twins Territory?

Charter Communications customers tuning in to watch the Twins game Tuesday against the Yankees were disappointed to find the game wasn't televised.

Charter and Fox Sports North have an agreement to broadcast 105 games to Charter customers. But a disagreement over the cost to broadcast 45 additional games kept Charter customers in the dark Tuesday.

According to the Charter news release, those 45 games used to be on WFTC-My 29. FSN purchased the rights to those games.

The release also said FSN wants to recover its cost for those additional games from Charter and its customers.

Charter says it's willing to pay for the games but says FSN is demanding “a substantial amount of money” from Charter and its customers.

The news release also said FSN and Charter are still negotiating to reach an agreement to broadcast those additional games.

FOX Sports North released a statement Tuesday on its website from senior vice president and general manager Mike Dimond about the issue.

In the release, Dimond said the cable channel is bringing the “most expansive television schedule ever featuring 150 games.”

Those games have been made available to all cable and satellite providers, he said, but all but a few providers have decided to carry the additional games.

The release said Charter viewers may miss games this Thursday and Saturday; April 14-15; April 22; and April 26.