The First Rule of Advertising…. | | Brainerd, Minnesota

The First Rule of Advertising….

Actual flyer.  It's so sweet...but who do I call?
Actual flyer. It's so sweet...but who do I call?

I have some enterprising young folks in my neighborhood as evidenced by the flyer that I recently found marketing their services. Snow shoveling. Great plan! Where were you guys this summer when my lawn was growing like it was in a race with the trees. I hate shoveling snow, so immediately you have my attention.

The prices offered are certainly reasonable. Ok…they are ridiculously cheap and I would feel positively guilty paying someone $10 to shovel my (by their standards) “Big” driveway. I wouldn’t pay ME $10 to shovel my driveway. You might want to consider a Jumbo category. But these are the prices they’ve set to be competitive with the pros’s driving half ton trucks with blades – I get it. They are right, my friend IS stunned about the pricing. My friend might want to also take advantage of their services….BUT….who do we call?

Snow Brothers, if you see this remember the first rule of advertising: If you want people to hire you, be sure to include a phone number for us to call.