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The Pterodactyl in my Hall.

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My vision of what lurked on the other side of my bedroom door.
My vision of what lurked on the other side of my bedroom door.

I don’t get too worked up about strange noises. Like the guys on Ghost Hunters, one can typically find a rational explanation for just about everything. Well, tell that to the pterodactyl in my hallway last night.
Bedtime is typically a peaceful affair with a fan whirring by my head and the furnace kicking on and off. No big deal – and then there was last night. I had been asleep a few hours when I was awakened by what sounded like a phone ringing thru a fog, in a tunnel in the distance, locked away behind the cellar door. Creeeeepy. Especially since I don’t have a phone hooked up to the land lines in my house.

11, 12, 13….then it stopped. Thirteen times…great. Nothing ironically weird about that on this late October evening.

Quiet ensued and I quickly fell back to sleep…until 2:54 a.m….Witching Hour – Perfect. It had started again. The telephone ringing now sounded more like a squealing belt going out – but on what? The ice maker of the fridge? Nothing else in the house would be making such a noise. This is getting on my nerves. I just wanted to sleep….but that noise, it wouldn’t stop.

Common sense says that someone ought to get out of bed and go check it out. All eyes on me. Ummmm…no, that wasn’t happening. Isn’t that always the way the slasher movies start out?
1: Hear weird noise
2: Decide that there couldn’t possibly be anything weird happening in the house
3: Put on bathrobe and arm oneself with some laughable form of protection.
4: Open door and peer into the darkness then kiss your life goodbye.

It was getting louder and I swear it sounded like it was just on the other side of the door. Probably hovering over the doorknob waiting for me to open the door so I would come face to face with it. My eyes would get big. It’s eyes would close to golden glowing slits. One of us would scream like a girl. I’m betting that would be me.

Yea…this is soooo not happening. I looked at the dogs to see if they thought anything was amiss. Must not. One was snoring on her dog bed oblivious to everything and one walked to the foot of the bed, listened for a few minutes then decided she was cold and burrowed under the covers again. Great…some protection you are.

I was trying to decide if I should suck it up and open the door or find the recorder on my cell phone to document whatever was out there -providing I can navigate my smartphone in the dark. Some sort of video/audio evidence of my impending demise might not be a bad thing. It’s probably nothing, but what if it’s something. Should I do anything? Then it stopped. The silence was almost as unnerving as my mental vision of what was on the other side of that door. Needless to say, there was no further sleep for me last night.

The next morning I listened at the door knowing that nothing would be there, but still wondering if the beast had fallen asleep only to be overrun by the dogs on their way to the front door. Nope...nothing. All was as it should be - of course.

Talking with a friend of mine this morning I described my harrowing night of terror frozen beneath the quilts trying to pretend there wasn’t a monster out in that hallway while glaring at my dogs for their decidedly unconcerned demeanor. She laughed at me and said something about screech owls are out and they can be pretty loud. She’s had them at her place recently. Sure, I’ll buy that…if a screech owl is 9ft tall, standing in my hallway, making noise like its hungry for dinner and I’m it. Clearly that was a pterodactyl on the other side of that door. Screech Owls….as if.