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Why did the skunk cross the road?

See? They're sweet and cuddly!
See? They're sweet and cuddly!


Probably for the same reason every other critter in the county crosses them. Over the past week I've seen no fewer than 3 dead skunks on the road I drive to work.  Although I feel bad for the dead animals, I've always wondered how, exactly, does one manage to hit a skunk?

First of all, you would think that the obvious reason would be a powerful deterrent.  Wouldn't one take every possible evasive action to avoid hitting a skunk? Seriously,  I wouldn't think that would be so hard.  Skunks aren't exactly known for any land-speed records.  They don't come darting out of the ditches to leap in a graceful fail across your hood.  They don't shoot across the road only to make a midway "about face" to cross back under your tires. Couldn't one just drive around them?  Or slow slightly to allow them a bit more time to waddle across the road?

I've seen entire lines of traffic come to a dead stop waiting for a line of ducks to cross the road.  No one wants to be the creep who wipes out the entire duck family....and they don't even smell!   The people who manage to hit skunks leave a refreshing reminder to all who travel the same path to at least be vigilant that skunks are in the area...but this is Minnesota - skunks are everywhere. 

I say we have a moratorium on hitting skunks.  At least until the little guys are equipped by nature to have a fighting chance against 2000 pounds of metal.  We should also include the equally pokey porcupines - another critter who couldn't run out of the way if it wanted.  Just sayin...