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The Minnesota Fascination With Staying Cold.

I found this on the internet, but it pretty much sums up my feelings on this matter.
I found this on the internet, but it pretty much sums up my feelings on this matter.


It's an annual event here in the land of 10,000 lakes.  We complain non-stop about the cold weather all winter long. Those subzero temps that defy logic and mounds of snow beside frozen lakes. Anyone care to lick a piece of metal?  Oh how we miss the warmth of summer and wouldn't it be nice to wear shorts and flip flops again.  The longer I live here, the more I'm convinced is that the answer is that we really don't want to thaw out. Ever.

Case in point: This past week we hit some nice weather for the first time in, what, 7 months? The sun was shining, the birds were singing in the trees. Fluffy clouds bounced along in the sky while the weather guy talked of a temperature long forgotten.  It was mid-70's - a veritable heat wave by our standards. Hurray! Time to break out the summery clothes that have been gathering dust in our closets. Strappy shoes and light-weight tops, maybe a pair of Capri's'.  The women in the office were foolishly dressed for such balmy weather. What were we thinking?

I should have taken a photo on that first warm day of the year, but I didn't. There were 3 of us sitting in the break room chipping at the ice crystals forming on our lunch, bundled up in coats zipped to our chins, trying to blow warmth on our fingertips. Why? Because as soon as the weather threatens to approach what normal people would enjoy, the air conditioner ruins everything. Minnesotans seem to miss the cold weather and crank the a/c to levels reminiscent of February.

The cryogenically frozen work force here at the Dispatch has given up. The break room has frost issues year round. The conference room is like a walk-in meat locker. Some of us keep pashmina's (aka personal blankets) at our desks to fend off frostbite in the summer. Sigh...

I don't want to give the impression that this is an issue only at the Brainerd Dispatch.  It is common to find this type of "climate control" in every business from restaurants to clothing stores. As soon as the weather gets nice, Minnesotans seem to miss what we spend months complaining about. Temperatures indoors drop to levels typically only seen outdoors. I, for one,  am not a fan. Can't we just open a window and let a warm breeze in once in a while?

I'd love to write more on the subject, but my fingers need to be defrosted.