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Paint is Cheap

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The "Before" picture of the guest room.
The "Before" picture of the guest room.


Paint is cheap. This was the advice from a friend of mine in the 80's when I was considering which shade of white to paint my bedroom.  After she scoffed at my choice of a non-color, she said if I was going to take the time, money and effort to make a change that I should put COLOR on the wall...if you hate it, change it - paint is cheap. Hmmm, I don't know...that could be risky...and it's just not done...color? As in "not white, cream, off-white or vanilla"?

At the time the prevailing thought behind any decorating was that you should set a neutral background and put your color in accents.  I fell victim to this. I thought I was over-the-cutting-edge brave when I selected a cream wallpaper that had faint blue & maroon streaks on it for the living room.  I had a blue couch...ooooh...and a brown chair .... Whoa!

My friend just shook her head and told me to not fear the color palette and that she was there to help me thru this. I was terrified of picking a color I'd hate and there were sooo many choices. What if it was too dark? Or too light? Or just plain wrong? Of course she felt confident about it. This was a woman who traveled with the complete color fans for 4 different paint lines. She would paint a room in her house just to see what a color looked like -then would change it a month later if she got bored. She did things with paint that I didn't know could be done. Rag rolls, sponge painting, feathers, and marbling. She painted her ceilings...really? I thought those were always white. Not in her house.

I finally selected a light taupe color with cream rag-roll for the bedroom. I should never have doubted her. It was stunning.

When I built my house several years ago, the painter that was hired handed me color charts from which to pick my "color" - 24 shades of white.  Uh, no. I want I picked a medium tone taupe and a sage green - the popular colors of the day. They nicked me a couple of extra bucks for my non-conformance. (Seriously? I have to pay extra to put some personality into my home?) So I ponied up the extra money and my walls looked great.  It's served me well, but I'm ready for a change.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to paint the guest room...and I wanted a bold statement.  I wanted the sage green gone and in it's place a color that screams "Oh cool!" With a bit of help from my paint store, I found a color that brings the room to life. Mission accomplished. It's a deep brick red that would have left my former self shaking in my shoes. My before and after photos say it all. A great new color on the wall...and new stone tiles on the ledge - this room has come together nicely.  Total cost of my little project is under $80 for everything- paint, tile, premixed adhesive & grout. Sweet!

And if I get bored with this in a few months, it's easy to change. After all, paint is cheap!

NOTE: My Grandfather used to say "Make sure the cheap doesn't come out expensive." When I buy paint, I buy the quality paints - it makes a huge difference in the ease of working with it and the number of coats required. One gallon of a GOOD paint is worth 5 gallons of something cheap that won't stand up. Just sayin'...