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What Ice Age?

Scrat from the movie Ice Age
Scrat from the movie Ice Age

I'm told that spring is on its way, but I'm not entirely sure I believe that.  If this past week has been any indicator, we've just entered the next ice age. I expect a Scrat to start darting around my yard looking for the last acorn in the county.  Seriously, even the wooly mammoths don't want to be out wandering around in this stuff.  My not-so-wooly dogs are not so happy at all.  The smaller ones are dancing on icy puppy paths trying to keep no more than two paws on the ground at any one time. Ok...that is kind of funny in a canine-ballerina kind of way.  Funnier still when one of them inadvertently tipped over trying to keep her paws from rooting her in place until spring.  She appeared to glare at me on her way back in the house because she caught me snickering.  

I probably shouldn't even live in Minnesota unless I'm prepared to be a big girl about a few days of sub-zero highs and a couple feet of snow blanketing my yard. Lets face it, the weather this time of year is one big tease...warming up just enough to give one hope, then back down to single digits or worse reminding us who is really in charge.  And then comes another round of measurable snow. Ugh

 I should suck it up like my Nordic ancestors, pull on another sweater and strap on my snow shoes to go get the mail.  I should wrap another scarf around my neck and happily go shovel the walk until it's spotless even as my eyelashes frost over like a flocked Christmas tree. I should pull on the always-flattering snow pants with my Eskimo-inspired boots and jump on a snowmobile for an afternoon of riding. That's in a perfect world.

What I really want to do is curl up on my couch with a mug of cocoa (extra marshmallows), a goose down throw, fireplace clicked to "on", and not come out until June.   Hey, I have all 20 (?) seasons of Lost, a Wii with games and a brand new Kindle loaded with books. I'd be just fine not seeing the great outdoors if not for this pesky job of mine that requires me to leave my house every day.  My silent protest to all of this is to stay in the warmth of my covers for an extra 10 minutes before getting out of bed in the morning.  Take that, Winter!

FYI...my screensaver image is a Scrat.