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Time flies WAY too fast...

Linda circa 1964
Linda circa 1964


"Time flies WAY to fast. Charlie is 1 and learning so much by the day and Jaden will be 3 in just a few short months. It's starting to get fun to watch them play and interact together, but time needs to slow down."

Yea, I could have told her that.  The quote above is from my daughter who used to breeze thru life in that carefree way that young people do. One day leads into the next leads into the next...and aside from the trees losing then growing new leaves, they really don't notice the passage of time - until they start having children of their own and everything changes.

As much as you try to advise them to savor every moment, it's hard when they are "in the moment". It's not until later that they realize that they should have enjoyed it more - from the times when a baby sneezes a mouth full of strained carrots all over your face to the first time they glare at you and, in that tiny voice, proclaim "No!"  We're not supposed to laugh, but we do. 

The first day of school can be rough on some parents, but speaking from personal experience, their last day of school is worse. It's then you realized that not only have they survived your parenting as they launch into the world, but that you, as their parent, have successfully maintained some semblance of normality irrespective of their attempts to drive you insane. There is a helpless feeling that your job is done and you pray you didn't screw them up too badly. And thru it all...we laughed.

If my children only knew how much I really laughed at them (not with them) as kids they would probably be appalled - but what a fun group to raise. Their baby books don't have much about doctor visits or other mundane who-gives-a-crap trivia. Their baby books are filled with stories that start with "And then there was the time ..."   They were always getting into something and life was never dull.

Someone thought it would be funny to tell their younger brother that an ogre lived in the closet across from his bedroom.  At one point we had 2 in stitches for what I remember as their Poetry-in-Motion antics. As a toddler Adam like to stand on the dishwasher door, so we had the plumber on speed dial - which came in handy the time someone else flushed a Big Bird toy and the whole stool had to be removed to the backyard for back flushing.  The summer our dog had puppies added to the chaos with 8 furry bundles of energy running all over the place. There were always a bazillion kids hanging around the house. Half the time I'd have to stop someone and ask who they were and how long they'd been here and don't you have a home? Once we had a guy pull into our drive for our "garage sale" and ask how much for the girls' bike he had carefully selected from the display. The old curmudgeon was actually ticked at me when I explained that we weren't having a garage sale...we just have a lot of kids and they have a lot of friends.

It does all go too fast. All of the terrifying moments - like when we lost one of the kids for a few minutes at a resort in Mexico...all of the hilarious moments - like our well documented road trip to Florida where my son kept losing his shoes in the back of the van...all of the tender moments - like introducing the kids to the newest member of the family....the proud moments - watching the children become adults and start their own journey thru life. It really does all go by way too fast. Time really does need to slow down.  And that is the irony of it all...it won't.