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I'm not ready for THIS birthday!! (and it's not even mine....)

I know they don’t mean to but every child eventually makes their parents look old. Luckily for me, I’m still firmly rooted in denial.  It used to seem like yesterday, the day my first was born….now it really does feel like a memory faded in time.  If I sit in the stillness, I can remember every single moment.  The tiny infant I wasn’t allowed to even hold, who was whisked away in a flurry of nurses and doctors.   

Flashes of his homecoming weighing barely 5 pounds – we had no clue what we were doing.  Like every new set of parents, we’re handed a baby and a congratulations, a bag of diapers and good luck.  This kid somehow managed to survive us to the point of starting school - the skinny toe-headed boy who couldn’t wait to meet his teachers and make new friends. He was really looking forward to eating school lunch – a decision he later regretted, but that took a few years.  This was also the child who set the precedence for his siblings to come.  They were never known by their own name…only that they were the brother/sister of #1.  Big shoes to follow. 

We dodged the Hockey Parent bullet to become the parents of a Tae Kwon Do Kid.  He made it to a red belt before moving off in other directions.  His relocation to Montana was our first real notice that our baby was turning out just fine.  He had the confidence to move across the country for college and come home 3 years later knowing what he wanted to do with his life. 

 He managed to endure the cheers of obnoxious relatives thru his Bachelors, Master and ultimately his Doctorate graduation ceremonies. The boy..uh…man was on a mission and we were there cheering him every step of the way. The parents, siblings and grandparents making a scene from the peanut gallery garnered that shy sly grin that becomes him as he walked across the stage with each degree.

 I think I’m taking this birthday of his harder than he is.  Happy 30th Birthday to my first born son: Dr. Tyler Arvig. 

Hugs & Love … mom.    (but I’m still 35, right?)