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Roster of Staff - Ack!

Check us out! The new look of the Brainerd Dispatch website has been
a long time in coming. Some of the staff is all over this new
Blog.  Ok, we had the blog feature before, but now, on the new
site, it's suddenly cool!

New on the website is a Roster of
Employees.  Scrolling thru the list shows our smiling faces, yep,
there we all are - except for a few with "lego heads". They missed
Photo Day with Steve Kohls. Don't worry, he knows where to find them.
Steve took my photo a couple of months ago for my new business
card.  I was happy with that one and they allowed me to reuse it
here.  Good thing. The day he was shooting people, I was having a
seriously bad hair day. As you can see, I have a lot of hair, so when I
have a bad hair day it affects anyone who has to sit near me. (poof?)

gave us all log-ins to our indvidual profiles and what should await us
there? The new "about me" section. I get the professional bio &
education sections.  I'm not sure how much the general public
really cares about what my favorite music is, which books I'm currently
reading, or what my favorite foods are.  Reading thru the blanks
was a little like staring at the empty form on an online dating
site.  Kinda creepy in a way...this is my employer for a public
website. I'll leave those blank...but if you really want to know what
I'm reading just ask me.

After filling in my contact information
and upload a couple of photos I decided that was a good start for
now.... And then I mentioned all this to a client with a little too
much time on his hands.  I won't post it here, but I was sent a
mock up of what my profile could look like if it had the
tacky Likes & Dislikes section.  Oddly (or not) it all
revolved around my errant client with several bullet points about how I
enjoy working with him, how I dislike his inability to read a calendar,
you get the idea.  Chris, you crack me up.  Now promise me
you can't hack my account!