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Military Sons and Daughters

With the arrival home of my son last Sunday from Guam, I realized that regardless of the "Mother" in me not wanting him to enlist, it was in fact the best thing he could have done.  Standing in front of me was no longer the gangly child with immature actions, but a man with pride for his country and his family.  Not to say that once we got home he didn't terrorize his sister or torment the dogs, but the conversations with me were not focused on the missing stereo, (that was broken in his absence) but on politics, health care and other topics I never imagined would be discussed with my baby.  As I navigate through this uncharted territory with my child, on what will be his first holiday's home in 2 years, I pause to thank him.  I thank him for ignoring my plea to go to a standard college and I thank him and all the other "gangly teenagers" serving their country willingly and proudly.  Happy Holidays!

Laura Ellingson