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Basketball Distraction

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Going down the bleachers  Photo by Kelly Humphrey
Photo by Kelly Humphrey
Going down the bleachers

I’m easily distracted. I admit it.

Covering a basketball game, Brainerd girls vs Sartell, I saw this adorable little kid and couldn’t help it - I had to take a few pics. As I was watching the game, out of the corner of my eye, this little guy was climbing up and down the bleacher steps, flirting with the girls and, every once in awhile, making a break for it out the gym door and down the hallway. Plus, it was a beautiful backdrop of bleachers creating strong lines and an intriguing repetitive pattern.

More than once, when the players were on the other side of the gym and too far away for even my lens, I turned to see what he was up to. It’s the same reaction I have to being seated behind tiny tots in church. Whenever that happens I just know I’m in for a struggle to get anything out of the sermon. How am I supposed to hear what the minister is saying with some little cutie staring at me with those big eyes and making faces? But I was talking about basketball - see how my mind wanders?

Anyway, I didn’t miss any good shots during the game because of it, though there were a couple of times when the ball was stolen and coming back towards me that I had to sternly tell myself to pay attention.