That's right people, I have a blog! | | Brainerd, Minnesota

That's right people, I have a blog!

I now have a blog.  I can't believe it.

The powers that be have been threatening to give us blogs for a while now so I shouldn't be so shocked about the whole thing.  And yet I found myself surprised about the prospect.  As a photographer I don't write a lot - mostly captions and an odd story or two.

"This will be neat," I thought to myself.  "They'll be paying me to talk about myself."  

The more I thought about it, the more excited I became.  "I have lots of stories!  Pshaw! This will be easy."

So I sat down to write my first blog and it all crashed in on me.  What do I write about?  Sure I have stories to tell but where do I start?  The screen loomed in front of me (That's right - it loomed) taunting me with its blankness.

It turns out the first entry in a blog is rather daunting.  It's my introduction to the public.  What if they hate me?  What if they notice misspellings and my fast and loose treatment of punctuation? (I'm a photographer after all - not an English major.  Although, that's no excuse since I did well in English class but still...)

Maybe I should just tell a random story as if I've always had a blog, as if saying "Yeah, I blog.  It's no big thing" all nonchalant and casual.  I thought about it and decided against that tactic.  It seemed too much like starting in the middle of a conversation.  I could just imagine a reader looking at the entry and trying to find all the preceding ones muttering "I'm sure she must have more stories around here somewhere."

Nope.  My first blog entry needs to be acknowledged as such - the first of its kind.  

So in summation, this entry is basically to break the ice.  To take the pressure off.  I just wanted to say "Hi, and welcome to my blog."