Girl Scout cookies tossing a wrench in weight loss plans everywhere. | | Brainerd, Minnesota

Girl Scout cookies tossing a wrench in weight loss plans everywhere.

Oh, February. A month that brings so many things; Valentine's Day, Punxsutawney Phil (and the hope of a shortened winter) and the influx of uniformed girl's at every office, grocery store and family gathering with brightly colored boxes of sweets. Yes, February also brings the dreaded and delightful Girl Scout cookie time.

Now many of you may be questioning why I added dreaded to my description of the famed treats. Hear me out. Of course they are a favorite of mine, like any American who manages to go through sleeve after sleeve of Thin Mints before realizing that they just inhaled two boxes in two days — don't judge. But that overindulgence is exactly why I have learned to dread the time of selling.

Girl Scout cookies come at such a reasonable price and go to such a good cause that I could never say no to my co-worker's daughter's cousin who is selling them. Who can resist? It's the fact that I can buy so many and it comes just a little over a month from the typical 'lose 10 pounds' New Year's resolution that tends to get me, and plenty of people I imagine, into trouble.

Whether it be the coconut/carmel Samoas or the peanut butter-filled Tagalongs I just can't resist a box of each. I did a little bit of research of course to see if there were any "healthy" options (because let's be realistic I am not going to say no to everyone Girl Scout who asks me to buy, there are just so many of them it's hard to avoid) and sadly there are not because,

"Girl Scout cookies are produced just once a year and for a limited time, our bakers never achieve the volume required to support the specific production of specialty cookies. The demand has not been great enough to make it economically feasible, however our bakers continue to experiment and have a commitment to ensuring there is always a "healthful" cookie in their line-up."

So until that day comes, plan to see me at the gym. I only have to run two hours for every cookie... Looks like you win again Girl Scouts.