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Pinning for the sake of research...

One of my favorite things about writing a story is the preparation that goes in to it. As I learned early on from a mentor at one of my previous internships, "failure to prepare, is preparing to fail", so naturally they have been words I've lived by in my own journalistic handbook.

Each story, unique in its own features, requires a great amount of research and background gathering before mashing it together in hopes that it comes out making any sense. The research is the easy part before the writing and for me, something I am apt to get lost in as I uncover more and more interesting facts that I think (and most often do not make the cut) will benefit the good of the story. So one can imagine my excitement for this Sunday's piece on Pinterest. I get to research a fad that I have been fairly curious about since hearing about it from some friends a couple months ago.

Sure, I had dabbled with it, having the app on my phone merely to pass time and would glance at it less often than the stocks app (why that is mandatory on the phone I will never know). But I never really understood what it was all about and really didn't get why people were fawning over it like the new cute boy on the block. Well, now I am officially a "pinner."

But hey, it's for the sake of research right?

(Be sure to look for more on Pinterest, the latest online trend in Sunday's paper!)