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Welcome to the real world

It's been five years and 10 internships in the making, but I have finally made it; I am officially a journalist.

A 2010 graduate from Iowa State University, I was offered an internship with USA Hockey Magazine immediately after graduation. Boom, just like that. Which--luckily enough for me based on impeccable timing--was what I had known throughout most of my college career. I would apply for one internship, get it, and that was that. No fuss, no muss.

Not exactly the case post-college where I (for some reason for the first time) realized that I am not alone in the ever-strenuous job hunt. As most internships do, my time in Colorado Springs, Colo., was up at the beginning of August after a year in the Rocky Mountain state and I approached it as I had with all my other internships; "No big deal, now on to the next job." The only difference was, the next job wasn't exactly right there for my reaching.

And it didn't come around the next month. Or even the next three months.

Enter panic mode.

I had been a sports writer over the course of those five years and was determined to make it in that industry no matter what. But as time carried on and I found myself picking up miscellaneous freelance opportunities, I decided it was time for me to focus on just securing a solid reporting job to get that ever-so important foot in the door (and off of my parents couch).

That's when I came across the Brainerd Dispatch. And remember that timing that I had spoken of earlier? It came through once again as a reporter at the Dispatch was leaving, opening up a spot for a full-time staff writer. Jackpot.

Now starting just my second week ever as a member of the news desk, I am anxious to learn and share stories about this wonderful Brainerd area community and maybe even a few stories of my own as I take my first giant leap into the working world.

Don't hesitate to contact me at 855-5859 and be sure to follow me on Twitter @jessi_pierce.

Can't wait to continue bringing you top notch stories!