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A lost ball and green eggs

Thursday I was forced to play nine holes of golf for a segment the Brainerd Dispatch is putting together for the Brainerd Lakes Marketplace.
Eric Peterson, director of golf at Cragun’s Legacy Courses in East Gull Lake, was kind enough to accommodate me and Dispatch reporter/Sideline View co-producer Jessi Pierce for the afternoon. Mitch at the front desk was trusting enough to believe me when I told him this unbelievable scenario and ushered us off1 to the back nine of Dutch’s where we wouldn’t offend or disturb any of the important — read paying — clientele.
Now here’s the shocking part of this: Despite Ms. Pierce videotaping my Jim Furyk-like swing, I played pretty well by my low standards. I hit five of six fairways, posted three pars and only lost one golf ball. I found two other golf balls so I finished 1-under par according to my scoring system. I did card four double bogeys. I’ll blame it on my rusty short game and more likely this stigma I have for Cragun’s greens.
Let me preface this next statement by first saying that the Dutch course was in fantastic condition. I’m not using the word fantastic loosely. It was beautiful out there. But the greens were slow, which I expected and should be expected because of the uncertain and fluctuating weather. But I’m so used to the Legacy greens being pool table quick. I played nine holes and I still never adjusted to them and left every putt and chip well short. It’s hard not to give those greens the respect they deserve.
Afterward, Pierce and I went to Prairie Bay in Baxter for a quick dinner. My previous blog entry stated I wouldn’t make any recommendations on where or what to eat. And I’m going to hold true to that. But we had the green eggs and ham pizza and I was pleasantly surprised. It was outstanding. I will say it was salty, but I like salt so I really enjoyed it.
One of the main reasons I won’t make any recommendations is because everyone’s tastes are different. If something is good to me, I’ll tell you. If I didn’t like something I just won’t mention it. For instance, I’m a carnivore, not a leaf eater, but I’ll eat my vegetables and like it, darn it. I just don’t have to write about it.
Now, this green eggs and ham pizza got me thinking. It’s a crazy kind of pizza you’re not going to get at a lot of places. So I’d like to hear about some of your favorite, unusual pizzas.
Maybe you’re a conservative pizza eater and you only like Canadian bacon, which is my standard one-topping selection. Tell me about your favorite pizza. Where do you get it? Do you make it yourself and, if so, what’s the recipe? Tell me your pizza stories.